Euroweb Romania, a provider of telecom services for enterprises, revenues for 2015 increased by approximately 5 percent compared to 2014 due to a higher number of customers, an improved products and services portfolio, the company's regional expansion and investments in the company's network, according to local publication Wall-street.ro citing CEO Nazmi Caglar Boluk (photo). The company saw its customer base grow by over 10 percent in 2015 to a total of 1,100, according Telecompaper. The increase in revenues, and improvement of the company's operational efficiency generated a 10 percent EBITDA increase. Voice and data services were the main growth drivers of revenue in 2015, Boluk told the publication.

Euroweb estimates a 2016 growth rate that is similar to that registered in 2015 thanks to investments of medium and large companies who require more complex products. In 2016, Euroweb considers expanding its number of partners and indirect sales channels as it will add new products and services to its portfolio. At the end of H1, the company had around 80 employees.