Huawei has officially launched a commercial A/B test service for telecom networks to the global market. This service is designed to help operators provide telecom services, accelerate service rollout, and build an automatic cloud-based network, according Telecompaper. Huawei says it builds an automatic continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) closed-loop system to automate the entire process from design, R&D, test to final release through agile development, quick deployment, automatic test, A/B test, and automatic acceptance.
Being an important part of the CI/CD closed-loop management system, the Huawei A/B test service can generate a new version in a cloud data center using fewer resources. Both of the old and new versions are running at the same time, Huawei also said. This service enables operators to use batch upgrades to gradually migrate all subscribers on the live network to the new version without causing service losses. With this service, the entire upgrade process is automated, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Huawei claims resources consumed during upgrades are reduced by 70 percent, O&M costs for upgrades are reduced by more than 60 percent, and services are not affected during upgrades.