Orange Romania entered into a cooperation agreement with the city of Alba Iulia's authorities for a smart city pilot project named Alba Iulia 2018, according Telecompaper. Orange Romania's Smart City concept comes in response to the initiative of the Ministry of Communications and Information Society (MCSI) and concerns the Digital Agenda for Romania for 2020. The costs related to the development and implementation of products for the smart city pilot project are fully covered by Orange Romania and its partners Civic Alert, Magnasci (uRadMonitor), Tech Lounge, FullscreenDigital, Gebs (Zoniz) and FlashNet. The created platform benefits from Orange's open infrastructure as well as  applications and Orange and its partners' expertise. Orange's open infrastructure includes (LTE networks based on fibre optics, IoT LoRa WAN, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
The pieces of information gathered by sensors installed in the city will be aggregated in the platform and will allow adding new information from any type of sensor or institution. With the help of an open ainterface for programming applications, any organisation can develop new applications for the Smart City project.