Romtelecom together with Catalyst Solutions, Catalyst Recruitment Solutions and AIESEC Bucharest, launches STEP, a project through which, starting this summer, 200 students can begin internships within the company in different departments. “We are alongside the young people and we support them in order to choose their way to a successful career. This is why, we invite the students from the Bucharest’s faculties to submit to this project – we will help them to get familiar with the way in which a telecom and IT&C complex company works. Thus, we believe it would be easier for them to find a job after finishing the studies, according to both practical side of their specialization as well as with the increasingly requests from the labour market”, stated Anca Georgescu Aladgem, Chief Human Resources Officer Romtelecom and COSMOTE Romania.


STEP project has as objectives facilitating the access to specialized orientation services and professional counselling for students that will submit to the program for their integration on the labour market. Moreover, it aims to develop practical competences within the accepted students in order to facilitate the transition from school to the active life.

STEP project – Support the Young people in their Professional Evolution – is made with European funds, after obtaining a grant with the value of approximately 2 million lei within the Sectorial Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007 – 2013.

Thus, the young people who will successfully pass the selection process will have the possibility to enter in an internship of up to 6 months within Romtelecom. The over 100 open positions in the competition are from IT, telecommunications, marketing, financial/audit, procurement, human resources, commercial – sales and customers service departments.

“It is an especially beneficial internship for students who can find out in this way directly which are the requests of a top employer and will benefit of evaluation sessions and counselling for their professional orientation, adapted to their university training and specialization level. It is the first step in the professional evolution of any young people who wants a successful career”, stated Diana Nicula, President AIESEC Bucharest.

Students who want to submit to STEP program must access the project’s dedicated webpage in order to complete the application for and the CV, which will be evaluated by Catalyst Recruitment Solutions team. The applications will be evaluated based on five criteria: academic specialization and correlation with the internship for which applies, extra-curricular activity, application’s quality, technical or functional knowledge, year of study. The next stage of the selection process will consist in an evaluation test for the logical skills as well as for the candidates’ technical or functional knowledge, according to the positions for which they applied (IT, telecommunications, marketing, financial/audit, procurement, human resources, commercial – sales and customers’ service).

“Candidates who will obtain a certain score to the logical skills test will go through a new selection stage at the end of which it will be selected 360 students, who will benefit of orientation and counselling sessions, in two stages – a personality test and, then, going through a personalized orientation and professional counselling session”, explained Roxana Zainea, HR Catalyst Recruitment Solutions.

 At the end, depending on the profiles elaborated by the specialist, from the 360 students will be selected 200 who will participate at the internships under the careful supervision of a mentor designated from Romtelecom.