Telekom Romania launches the interactive Storytime app for parents who are far from their children, but who understand that the benefits of reading stories can lead to children's emotional, academic and creative evolution. "With the help of Storytime app, developed by Telekom Romania, we bring to parents’ attention the importance of story reading in children's lives. Reading is a wonderful way to teach your children new words, to connect them to a fantastic world, full of heroes and unpredictable situations that develops their imagination and creativity. And because our team has creative people, we developed this solution, to a real problem in Romania. Both we, as well as other companies have a responsibility to provide solutions and create a healthy social environment. In the future, maybe such initiatives will have an echo and will lead to a higher level of awareness from all those involved, "said Andreas Elsner, Chief Commercial Officer, Residential Segment, Telekom Romania.
Storytime is an interactive application whereby any parent can become the child's favorite storyteller, remotely. Thus, the Storytime app comes primarily as a solution to communicate, interact and improve the relationship of parents left to work outside the country and their children, back home. At the same time, Storytime is also a solution for all those forced by distance, work, or overworking hours to be away from their children or grandchildren. Keeping the visual contact between the parent and the child throughout the story, Storytime brings back the family atmosphere and emotion of these important moments in the relationship between the two.
Through a video call from the app, the parent reads reinterpreted and illustrated stories to the child, and with the help of filters and voice modulators, the narrator-parent turns into one or more characters in the story.
The bilingual Storytime app, Romanian and English, is available for free in App Store and Google Play, in countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Germany, England and Romania.
Currently, the stories that can be accessed from the app are The Red Riding Hood, The Three Piglets and The Bear Tricked by the Fox. Other story titles both loved by children and parents will be added to the list. 
More about Storytime at storytime.telekom.ro.