The study ”Romanians’ attitudes and behaviors related to sports”, conducted by Quantix Marketing Consulting for Telekom Romania* emphasizes the increasing importance of sports among Romanians, as a base for a healthy lifestyle. This is also the mission assumed by Telekom Romania through the „Biggest Sports Hour” sports and health festival. "On the occasion of the eight-year edition of the "Sports is Good" campaign we wanted to expand the "Biggest Sports Hour" initiative in cities where Romanian are eager to attend outdoor sports activities and to understand what is the general perception on amateur sports events. The results of the latest study conducted for Telekom Romania led us to new destinations, which, through the scored obtained, showed us a potential and interest in organizing sports events for amateurs, such as Ploiești and Iași. The city of Brașov remains on the map of the event, being one of the favorite places among sports lovers. The survey also confirmed that the attitude related to sport has an upward trend and sport remains a mass phenomenon which connects 9 out of 10 Romanians", declared Ionela Paunică, Executive Director, Telekom Romania Foundation and PR Expert, Telekom Romania.
The festival is part of the “Sports is Good” campaign powered by Telekom Sport, alongside other hundreds of sports programs and events run by the company.
The same study shows that 83% of Romanians would like to do more sports than they do right now, but the limited time and job are the main barriers.
Over half of those surveyed practice sports, with varying degrees of intensity. The most practiced sports are running - 58.6%, classes (fitness, aerobics, pilates, etc.) - 29.7%, football - 27.1% and biking - 26.7%. Gym sports register the highest frequency: 75% of the Romanians are going to the gym at least once a week. If they have the opportunity, over 70% would participate in various outdoor activities, running and cycling.
Telekom is the telecommunications company perceived as the most involved in supporting sports in Romania, both in performance and amateur competitions (about 39% of the associations among the telecommunication companies) and the ”Sports is Good" campaign attracts the highest number of participants in amateur sports events in Romania.  
On the occasion of the 8th anniversary of the ”Sports is Good" campaign, the „Biggest Sports Hour” sport and health festival will be organized this year in Ploiești (14th July), Braşov (28th July) and Iași (11th August), in partnership with Smartatletic, GetFIT, BTL Romania, Red Cross Romania, Freewheel and Eboda.
In each city, the „Biggest Sports Hour” will include a 12-hour sports outdoor activities marathon, medical testing and beauty tests, but also and first aid courses, with free participation for thousands of sports and health enthusiasts, tens of thousands of supporters and over 100 national and international instructors.
Within the same study, the respondents expressed their preferences related to the towns where the sports events of the ”Biggest Sports Hour” festival should take place. Brașov is among the cities with the highest preferences index among respondents (74,1%). Ploiești (31,1%) and Iași (30,1%) are two of the cities where Romanians would like to have more opportunities for outdoor activities within amateur sports events.**
„Since the setting up of  this station, Telekom Sport is alongside its viewers, not only by offering top sports competitions but also by constantly urging them to do sports and outdoor exercise. We find out every day that more and more young people are attracted to gadgets and that they put exercise and even their own health on a second level. I believe that it is our duty to influence and train those who follow us and at the same time to contribute to the "offer" of sports events in as many cities in Romania ", declared Vlad Enăchescu, General Manager Telekom Sport.
Also, at this year's edition of the "Biggest Sports Hour" festival, Telekom Romania Foundation financially supports a social cause. Thus, Telekom Romania Foundation aims to contribute through donated funds to the costs of the transplantation surgery that the only Romanian patient alive with the Berdon Syndrome, Elena Bunea, 3 years old, needs. For the intestinal transplant operation that can be done in Birmingham, Elena needs more than 400,000 £. Participants in the sports events in Ploieşti, Iași and Braşov organized within the "Biggest Sports Hour" festival can also contribute to this social cause. 
* The study „Romanians’ attitudes and behaviors related to sports” was conducted online, on a nationally representative sample of 1040 people aged 18-55 years. Data collection took place between 27.04.2018 - 08.05.2018.
** The preferences index is a preferences percentage scaling, between 0% and 100%, where the highest preference becomes 100% and the lowest becomes 0%. The rest of the towns get values ​​between 0% and 100%, depending on the preference for each of them.