Telekom Romania’s continuous investments in expanding and improving its network and infrastructure was reflected in the company’s record results in mobile network testing, in 2018. According to independent audit company P3, Telekom Romania achieved its own record P3 score last year. Following specific tests, Telekom Romania scored 852 points (85.2%), out of 1000, for its mobile network, positioning the company in the very good mobile network range. “We improve, we grow, and we continue to invest in achieving great results for this company. Year on year, we capitalize on our large telco experience and growing potential and, for us, is very clear where we head – we must achieve our best performances in everything we do. Our mobile network is improving year on year, representing our constant implication and efforts in offering our customers one of the best mobile networks. And by P3 result, we reach our main goal – having our customers’ consideration and confirmation that what we do, we do best for them”, stated Vladan Pekovic (photo), Chief Technology and Information Officer, Telekom Romania.
The P3 certificate demonstrates strong performance of Telekom Romania’s mobile data network on various key indicators that predict improved customers’ experience in using Telekom’s data services.
Thus, Telekom Romania achieved 99.5% success rate in YouTube content playout score, without interruption, in urban area. 
P3 findings show that Telekom scored high in terms of voice and data quality services, as it reached 327 (81.8%) points out of 400 for voice services, and 525 (87.5%) points out of 600 for data services.
Against the 2017 performance indicators, the P3 scoring for Telekom’s voice services quality show an increase by 35% and a 3.35% increase for data services. 
The performance testing campaign was conducted between 10-29 October 2018 on a representative sample at national level and covered most relevant geographical and administrative typologies including cities (Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Constanta, Suceava, Braila, Oradea, Targu Jiu, Satu Mare, Brasov), town and connected roads. 
The P3 certificate showing Telekom Romania’s mobile network performance is available at here. 
Currently, Telekom’s 4G network reached 99.5% of the urban population and 93% in total population (urban and rural).