TOPEX introduces BYTTON UMTS, an advanced router for wireless broadband Internet access using 3G UMTS technology. It administrates and connects local networks to the Internet via UMTS network assuring wireless data transfer up to 384 kbps. It allows voice calls and data traffic simultaneously.

BYTTON UMTS applications are multiple:
It is an ideal Hotspot Gadget (conference halls, hotels, coffee-shops, restaurants, parks, airports, etc.) as it doesn'™t require any pre-configuration of the laptops for connection.

Being a highly secure solution is perfect for SOHO environments. BYTTON UMTS allows secure, flexible and mobile interconnection of desktop or notebooks, printers and other peripherals such as scanners, playstations, VoIP telephony, and provides web surfing, playing online games, netmeeting, video transmissions, listening to mp3 music, etc.

The equipment is fully mobile and very easy to use being therefore a good tool for Mobile teams/Mobile Office, providing Internet access in remote areas where no access to cable connection is possible. Fields of applications may include Advertising & Marketing, Property/Estate Agencies, Logistics, Recruitment, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare, Media & Broadcasting, Insurance & Finance.

In addition, temporary events (festivals, sporting competitions, trade fairs and exhibitions) may benefit from the use of a wireless broadband router.

BYTTON UMTS has all the features of a Fixed Mobile Terminal so it can be used as an efficient cost reduction solution for mobile calls.

Being a plug-and-play gadget it is very suitable for residential use; it is compact, all in one box and it does no longer require any additional investments on equipment or software.

Custom solution (video surveillance with camera) - with its built-in firmware, BYTTON UMTS allows easy connection of one or several video surveillance cameras to a remote center, transmitting the still pictures or video stream.

For orders or inquiries on this equipment please visit www.topex.ro or email to sales@topex.ro.

TOPEX is a Romanian company that designs and manufactures telecommunication equipment integrating the latest technology in the field. The product portfolio includes GSM & UMTS gateways, CDMA gateways, VoIP gateways, protocol translators, data transfer gateways, etc. Its range of products creates a link between the mobile networks, traditional cable networks and the IP networks. Its products are meant for the use of business consumers. All the products are elaborated by our own Research & Development Department and they are manufactured inside our production facilities, in Europe. Topex has 15 years of experience on the market and 70% of our output is exported all around Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Topex constantly looks to enlarge its worldwide distribution network in order to be closer to its customers.