The US government has dropped the request made to the German government to ban Huawei from the pool of firms building the 5G network, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports citing German and US government sources. In March, the US ambassador in Germany Richard Grenell threatened Germany to reduce the sharing of intelligence information in the case Huawei would be among the firms equipping the 5G network, according Telecompaper. Now, the US is satisfied with a series of strict security measures listed by German authorities to make the 5G network as safe from risks of espionage as possible, the report added. A high American official have recently called this approach "perfect." 
A representative of the US Foreign Ministry confirmed the impression on the security measures. The official refrained from calling on Germany to explicitly ban Huawei components. He asked only to build a "security processes" that also considers whether a provider could be forced by a "foreign power" to "undermine the security of the host country". 
The security measures of the German Federal Network Agency tend to respond to threats posed by companies from suspicious countries. They require that components for 5G be sourced only from "trusted suppliers" who respect German safety regulations. 
Self-driving cars, medical robots or factories will use the 5G network in the future. However, the system is complicated that it is impossible to make it completely safe against espionage or sabotage.