Kirusa, a global leader in providing telecom & social media solutions, announced today the launch of its InstaVoice Celeb service in partnership with the telecommunications company VIVA, one of the leading mobile operators in the Dominican Republic. ‘Mark B’ is the first celebrity to participate in this innovative service provided by VIVA. Sanya Gonzalez (photo), Value Added Products Manager at VIVA, emphasizes, "The aim of this new service is to bridge subscribers with their favorite artists and the response is overwhelming. We have initially started with Mark B, whose fans can have a direct contact with him through InstaVoice Celeb service. Being able to offer this on Kirusa platform was seamless, as Kirusa is a committed business partner, and goes beyond its brief to provide services that delight consumers”, she concluded.
Inderpal Singh Mumick, Kirusa Founder and CEO, added,"I am thrilled that we have succeeded in reaching famous celebrities’ fans from around the world. Getting Mark B, assisted by VIVA, was another achievement. Not only do fans reach a step closer to the celebrity, but with this platform, celebrities also get real-time feedback on their work”.
The InstaVoice Celeb service is a bridge between celebrities and fans, with added voice interactions. By providing multiple communication modes, InstaVoice Celeb increases the quality of engagement between celebrities and their fans.
Mark B is a very popular urban music singer in Dominican Republic. In a very short time Mark B has become one of the most respected exponents of its kind for his performance quality and international image.
With this service, people can learn more about Mark B, who will send voice messages to subscribers about his projects and personal life.
VIVA customers in the Dominican Republic, access the service by sending a text message with the subscription code to 3030 to receive a voice message every day from Mark B. Subscribers receive an SMS in which they are notified that the content is available, and all they have to do is dial * 2 * to hear the message. Through the same option, they can send a response selecting the menu available. Subscribers also have the freedom to listen to old messages by dialing * 3 *.
About VIVA – Dominican Republic
VIVA / Trilogy Dominicana is one of the leading mobile operators in the Dominican market, recognized as a company that offers world class telecommunication services with the best rates and benefits to its subscribers.
VIVA has become one of the fastest growing firms in the sector, serves hundreds of thousands of active clients, and has positioned itself as a strong competitor with a young, dynamic and innovative brand that represents the whole spirit of the service and technology they provide. In a short time, VIVA has displayed a strong distribution network, has launched innovative plans and continues adding more and more customers every day. The aim of VIVA since its inception was the proposed diversification of existing mobile communication services in the market with competitive commercial products that add more value to users, with the firm intention to continue to grow steadily in the Dominican Republic.