Adrian Despot, the vocalist of Vita de Vie rock band, presented on Tuesday evening, February 19, the first concert in Romania that integrated a live performance transmitted through a hologram brought to live with the 5G technology provided by Vodafone Romania. The protagonist of the live hologram sequence was Luca Mihail Leaua, a talented 10-year old guitar player, who participated on this occasion in his first real performance in front of a large public. This solution for his appearance in the concert, brought to life with 5G technology provided by Vodafone Romania, helped him fully connect with the public, despite his stage fright.
Young Luca was Adrian Despot’s special guest and played in a room located at about 2 km from the concert hall. Thanks to Vodafone Romania’s 5G support, he joined the show virtually and played along with the band, as a surprise episode within Vita de Vie concert. The hologram created with 5G technology ensured the high quality audio and image transmission needed, as well as the synchronisation between artists all during their live performance.
Murielle Lorilloux, CEO Vodafone Romania, stated: “Vodafone Romania has always been using latest technology to improve people’s lives ever since the first voice call made through our mobile digital network, in 1997. We marked many successful premieres over the years. This time, we put 5G capabilities to work and innovate once again, at the crossroads of live performing arts and cutting-edge technology, to encourage a young talented musician overcome stage fright and make his dream come true. Tomorrow, we wish him to be a real music star. Today, he sampled a bit of this experience, which proves that future is already present“.